Why Dog Training Rochester?

Working on the long down

I bought a puppy.  Well, this little ball of fur was so cute the day I brought her home but soon she started turning into a nightmare.  She peed on the rug, pooped whenever the need arrived, chewed on my furniture and kids, kept coming into the living room with underwear (from who knows where) and generally created havoc around the house.  If we were going to have a good relationship then something needed to change.  I obviously needed someone to help me get control of the situation and get this little fur ball of terror under some sort of control.  I needed Puppy Training!

I started looking.  I checked the internet to see what was available.  There were all kinds of people out there talking about this or that kind of training.  I could buy this dog training manual or use that kind of dog training DVD but where to start, I just wanted a well behaved puppy and I needed someone to talk to that would help.

I finally decided to narrow down the search to my local area and typed in Dog Training Rochester, hence the name of my site.  I started to narrow down my needs, do I need to obedience train my dog, should I sign up for an obedience training class or go with a personal dog trainer,  what dog training services do I need?  I saw information on K9 training and canine training (are they different?), and I could get in home dog training or send my puppy out to boot camp.  My puppy can even be a S.T.A.R.. Then I wondered, what is the difference between an animal behaviorist and a dog or puppy trainer?  Well I was baffled; who to choose and what did I want for this puppy of mine?

My immediate need was to get my puppy potty training tips.  I had heard somewhere that a crate was a good thing to give the puppy a place to get away from the kids so I had one of those.  The puppy didn’t want to go into it though.  I wanted some help with puppy care and puppy kindergarten sounded like a good idea.  I also needed to stop the puppy biting; my hands were starting to look like I’d been in a fight with a rose bush and lost.

When this need was met I thought it would be a wonderful idea to pursue some advanced training with my pup.   I didn’t know if some sort of service dog training might be helpful.  I saw lots of people promoting Therapy Dogs and Animal Assisted Therapy programs, I have always been interested in Search and Rescue.  These might be fun! There are always the dog sports, one that might be interesting is something called flyball.  There were also a whole bunch of competitions.  Dog Obedience Competition, Rally Obedience Competitions and Agility Competitions were all listed in the dog trainers pages.  These might be something to try.

I have learned a lot about training a new puppy since those early days.  I would like to help you with training your dog.  I created this site to help people in this area sort through all of the various kinds of dog training and pet issues.  I will try to help you with all of the training options and available ways that you can obedience train your dog.  I’ll introduce you to the various advanced training that is available so that you can have a good relationship with your dog and help others as well if that is your wish.  I’ll also make some recommendations for good trainers that can help you on your quest for a good dog.

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